Vermont Primary Care Workforce Snapshot

The Vermont AHEC Network conducts an annual survey of all primary care practices in the state to get a snapshot of the supply and distribution of primary care practitioners (PCPs). This inventory guides AHEC’s program development to address needs of the current workforce, as well as identifying emerging workforce shortages. Overall, the most significant shortage is for primary care practitioners who care for adults.

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 Physician Placement Services

Any physician who has trained at The University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine who is seeking to practice in Vermont, in any specialty, has access to the AHEC Physician Placement Specialist, Jennifer Savage. Placement services include: letting residents/fellows know where the physician openings are in their specialty, connecting them to the appropriate contact for the opening, and letting them know about national and state educational loan repayment opportunities for primary care positions. These services are available both during training, as well as after physicians have left the University and have transitioned to practice.  

For more information about physician placement services go HERE

Visit the Bi-State Recruitment Center hosted by Bi-State Primary Care Association and the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems website for additional support in health professional recruitment