Northern Vermont AHEC is proud to partner with the Vermont EMS Office to offer its first Vermont Emergency First Responder (VEFR) course for the public. This introductory-level certification is a great way for Vermont residents to get a direct look into the world of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers. With foundational content focusing on skills that every medical provider should know, such as CPR, bleeding control and patient assessment skills, VEFR also aims at bridging the gaps between community members and first responders in the event of emergencies.

In a rural state like Vermont when emergencies happen, the time it takes for an ambulance to arrive can vastly differ from town to town. In these emergency situations, minutes matter. Having easy access to simple, lifesaving skills education in a community with can greatly increase the chances of survival in these emergencies.

The course is a manageable 20 hours long, and can provide young Vermonters with a viable and affordable pathway into a career in any health care field. With a certification like VEFR, Vermonters can seek affiliation with a state ambulance service or fire department.  An affiliation with one of these departments can offer students multiple avenues towards gaining experience, continuing education and even reimbursement for pursuing higher levels of certification.